In partnership with Parents in Training Inc., we have developed an Adoption  Wraparound Service, with a love-based unique methodology. This is an intense trauma-responsive educational program for adoptive parents on how to better understand and care for their adopted child, promoting a loving and healthy environment at home.  

We help families who have adopted children under the age of eighteen, in the state of California, who are receiving benefits through the Adoption Assistance Program.

There is no out-of-pocket cost to families who have adopted out of the Foster system through the Adoption Assistance Program


Celebrate the joy of adopting with Wayfinder, LEAF and your peers

We believe that the home should be a place of healing
and, therefore, it is necessary to establish effective communication guidelines within the family unit to reduce the level of stress and improve the various family relationships.


Our number one goal is to reduce stress on the adoptive parents.

We want to educate, help and empower parents to understand what it takes to create a long-term healing environment for their children. The main pillars of our program are love and education.


Our staff is highly qualified in trauma-responsive treatment approaches with children and their families, working under the direct clinical supervision of Bryan Post. 


You are not alone in this process of embracing love. 

We want to reduce the level of stress that parents may experience and engage the entire family unit in the healing process. 


How the Process works


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Discover our Ebooks.
Get free helpful material, exclusively for parents.

Discover our Ebooks.
Get free helpful material, exclusively for parents.



Founder of LEAF and one of America´s leading experts in child behavior and adoption.

Specialist in the treatment of emotional and behavioral disorders through a loved-based approach that focuses on developing a deeper understanding of trauma, stress, and fear and how they govern our lives.


Bryan has created an enlightening perspective on the all-encompassing power of love to bring us peace and healing. He helps to understand the heart of the adopted child.

Bryan Post
Let us help you enjoy being a parent again​.

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